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Do you have agents that are simply afraid to sell?  Do you hear your agents deliver lots of information about your
products and services, yet the sales figures aren’t improving?

Do you have a Customer Service position that is not functioning well because they’re hoping that the customer
will ask "By the way, what other products can you offer me?" Remember that how your agent's thoughts and
frame of mind can help or hinder making the sale and delivering the quality of service the customer expects.

BPO TRAINING ACADEMY’S  Customer Service & Sales Course is a customized Sixteen (16) hour course that
takes the fear and mystery out of selling.  Delivered live at your facility, it is an interactive program centered
around relationship selling, sales techniques and teaches positive phrasing techniques to improve
communication and customer response. In other words, it is a
 customer service and sales training hand-in-

We’ll explore the art of asking the right questions with the skill of listening for the cues that uncover the prospect’
s hidden needs, wants and fears. Customization for your program is developed through an onsite observation,
which allows for real life examples to be woven in and demonstrated throughout the training. Your staff will be
provided with specific and practical sales techniques they can use on the very next call!

This training is appropriate for a variety of sales professionals in virtually any industry.  This includes inside
sales teams, field sales reps that do prospecting via the phone as well as customer service reps who are now
being asked to offer additional products or services.

Your staff will learn how to:

•Determine a customer's needs and the best way to meet those needs
•Choose the right words to communicate the sales message
•Overcome their fears of selling
•Ask for a decision to get better results
•Meet and melt buyer resistance for taking action - a new approach to overcoming objections
•Open the call in a way that sets the stage for positive interactions
•Use voice tone to build strong rapport
•Approach the sale from the buyer's perspective
•Develop current accounts to increase sales activity
•Best practices for compiling professional, concise and effective email messages and more.

Putting your sales program together is as simple as 2 steps:

Step 1:  Observation/Assessment

The BPO TRAINING ACADEMY  trainer will sit side-by-side with your staff and listen to live calls.  This enables
your trainer to deliver the program in your organization's language with relevant examples the staff can easily
relate to. This day also includes a consultation with Management to discuss your goals and objectives.  
Step 2:  Training Days

The entire course is sixteen hours and can be delivered in 2 day sessions. It is extremely fun and interactive and
results in positive behavior changes that you will see immediately. Our ideal class size is 10-20 students.


Why do you need an observation day?

The observation day is vital in order to customize your training program.  It is an important part of the program, and helps our trainer to fully
understand your business, including the strengths and challenges of your staff.  The observation day is also a great way to spot any revenue
opportunities that are being missed on sales calls as well as the perfect time for interacting with the staff to identify the sales 'mindset' of the
group prior to training.

Can I do a combination of Sales and Customer Service training in the same class?

Yes.  As a matter of fact, our Customer Service and Sales course has aspects of customer service already integrated into the course
content.  These include concepts that are unique to selling over the phone such as voice tone, using positive vocabulary words, and overall
telephone etiquette.  We strongly believe that the basics of customer service must be in place before even attempting sales!  
If your inside sales team members are already customer service superstars, then we also offer sales training without the customer service
content.  We always customize our programs to fit your specific needs!

What is the best class size?

The ideal class size for Customer Service and Sales Course  is between 10-20 students per class.

How long is the training? How much does it cost?

We offer both whole day and half day programs.  The cost varies depending on the number of days, the length of the program and the
number of people we'll be training.  Give us a call at 632.493.5051  or email us and we'll be happy to provide
a training recommendation and price quote.
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