BPO TRAINING ACADEMY is currently accepting Franchise Applications Nationwide.


What are the requirements for potential franchisee?
Opening a BPO TRAINING ACADEMY requires a strong personal commitment and active involvement in business operations.  
Franchisee approval is based on a number of factors, including integrity, personal and financial qualifications, positive
attitude and dedication.

To ensure that our franchisee applicants will be able to qualify, we require that potential franchisees interested in a single
branch opportunity have at least PHP 1,300,000-PHP 1,500,000 in liquid capital.

How much does it cost to open a BPO TRAINING ACADEMY?

The total start-up costs for a typical BPO branch is between PHP 500,000 upto PHP 750,000.

How much is the franchise fee and royalty fees?
The franchise fee is Php 500,000, which is paid in full at the time you execute the Franchise Agreement. Development fees
for additional courses are additional.  The Royalty fee is a fixed amount of
Php 10,000/month with an annual escalation rate of 10% until the end of the 5th year or until the end of the renewed period
whichever is applicable.  Renewal fee after 5 years is Php 250,000. An additional Php 2,000/month advertising fee with an
annual escalation rate of 10% until the end of the 5th year or until the end of the renewed period whichever is applicable.

What is the floor area requirement?
The required floor area must be at least 70 square meters or a minimum dimension of 7x10 meters.

Why should I franchise a BPO TRAINING ACADEMY?

Starting a franchise of BPO TRAINING ACADEMY allows you to capitalize on a proven business model. BPO TRAINING ACADEMY
is one of the pioneer in the call center training industry in the Philippines and already successfully trained more than 9,000
BPO aspirants in almost 10 years since August 23, 2006.
As a franchisee you receive and benefit from the extensive corporate assistance from site selection and training to ongoing
operational, marketing, training, research and development support.

What do I receive for the franchise fee and royalty payments?

You receive the right to use our trade name and operate a BPO TRAINING ACADEMY for 5 years, plus a 5 year renewal option.
The use of trademarks, proprietary equipments, modules and products are included as well as, the use of our established
supply sources.
In addition, you receive:
•        Site Selection Support- One on one support with our Operation Manager to access market availability, evaluate
locations, and assist in lease negotiation.
•        Design and Construction Support- One on one support with our Operation Manager to assist with project bidding,
signage/equipment ordering, and selecting a general contractor.
•        Training- At BPO TRAINING ACADEMY head office, you will receive 2 weeks of training. That includes producing and
maintain the product, operation procedures, inventory controls, client service excellence, marketing, and financial
•        Opening Support- One on one support from our Franchise Manager; onsite training, assistance with store set up and
staff development, review of operational programs and systems, and customization of your grand opening marketing plan.
•        Marketing Support- Brand and online marketing programs, public relations, promotions and events.
•        Research and Development- New courses and training development and refinements.
•        Ongoing Support- One on one support with our Franchise support team.  Assistance with new training program,
updates on new programs and systems, and advice on local marketing plans.
•        An Operations manual covering nearly every aspects of your business.

What is the turn-around time to open a BPO TRAINING ACADEMY branch?
It normally takes from three to five months to identify a site, negotiate a lease, obtain the necessary permits, build out the
site to specifications and complete all other steps to prepare your training centre for your grand opening.  This will vary
depending on the availability of locations in your preferred location, condition of the space upon possession, availability of
labor, and other market conditions.


If you are interested in opening a BPO TRAINING ACADEMY franchise, please send us a
location map & a LETTER OF INTENT
with the following details:

Full Name:
Legal entity: Dti/ Partnership/ Corporation
Name of Company that will franchise:
If under a company, name of authorized representative/signatory:
Proposed Business Location:
Owned or Rented?
Permanent Address:
Contact Nos.: Mobile and landline
Email Address:
Do you have an existing business?
Please describe your business briefly:
Professional background: